Sunday, December 15, 2013

Joy of Giving

Dr. Anantani at a lec-dem in Ahmedabad
Until Oct. 26.2113 , ‘Joy of Giving’  held limited  meaning for most of us—to get satisfied by donating charity like food , clothes, books, school fees, etc. to  socially and economically deprived and underprivileged  individuals and wait till next call comes.

Shivangee Vikram, Rasadhwani’s  director, lead dancer and academic counselor made all us experience a different kind of joy through ‘Joy of Giving’ Week, which is organized every year from the 1st to 6th Oct. During this week and weeks beyond, she trained eight underprivileged urban youth in classical dance movements and prepared them to perform in front of a very sensitive and cultured audience on 26th Oct. at the CEE Auditorium, Ahmedabad. They performed on a recorded piece from Pandit Ravishankar’s ‘Chants of India’ album. They shared the evening stage with other 30-35 dancers who have been training as classical dancers since years.

These energetic and hard working youth of urban slums had a unique experience. The exposure to stage and to an appreciative full house was totally new and exciting experience for them.

Thinking of this again and again I sometimes feel, aren’t we all culturally deprived lot too?

- Dr. Uma Anantani


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